sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

Buñuel's dry martini

“To provoke, or sustain, a reverie in a bar, you have to drink English gin, especially in the form of the dry martini.”

The Buñuel martini in 7 easy steps:
1. Chill glasses, gin, and shaker the day before.
2. Make sure ice is cold (at least minus-20 degrees centigrade).
3. Fill shaker with ice and pour in a few drops of Noilly Prat vermouth and half a demitasse spoon of Angostura Bitters.
4. Shake and drain, so that the only vermouth and bitters remaining is what coats the inside of the shaker and the ice.
5. Add gin. Any English gin will do, but I recommend Bombay or Tanqueray, depending on your taste.
6. Shake and pour into glass. Don't forget the olive.
7. Sip carefully. Buñuel martinis have been known to cause hallucinations and fits of manic well-being.
NOTES: A true Buñuel martini must have an olive. (He's Spanish, after all.)

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